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Hear and See your test results

  • Prodigy Autocode requires no coding.

  • Simply insert the test strip into the strip port and the prodigy Autocode automatically powers on.

  • The prodigy auto code talking glucometer guides the user through the blood glucose testing steps will speak in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.

  • It provides results in 7 seconds

  • It has a 450 -test memory with the date and time and provides 7,14,28 day averages.

  • The USB port feature is used for downloading your meter's result using our free diabetes management software

Prodigy Autocade.PNG

Prodigy Auto code


  • Speaks 4 languages: English, Spanish, rench& Arabic

  • Stores 450 test results with date and time 

  • Approved for Alternate Site Testing (AST)

  • The standard USB port to easily download test results

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